One of the things that we are very proud of here at our dental implant practice in Kent is that the team and outpatients work so well together. We recently had a fantastic cake made for us by one of our happy patients,  we’d love to share it with all the readers of our blog but alas all that is possible is to show you a photograph!

We’re also blessed with an amazing team and when our Clinic Manager, Elaine Munn joined us she wrote this:

“The team at The Implant Experts has been together for a number of years. Lisa and Anne, our two nurses, have worked with Anthony for 25 and 9 years respectively and Lesley our hygienist has known Anthony since University and worked for him for nearly as long. I feel privileged to have been asked to join this dental implant team and in a very short space of time had been made to feel part of the family.

Having worked as course coordinator at DENTSPLY Friadent, the company we purchase our implants from, I have found it to be quite a different story working on the clinical side of implants-I get to see the end result.

Our clinical days are busy and interesting and we all work together to achieve a very personal level of care for our dental implant patients, who are confident in the knowledge and like that we are a close-knit team with longevity of experience-it gives them confidence that they are in safe hands.

I really enjoy meeting our patients, you get to know them over the course of their treatment and realise just how much it means to them to have dental implants and how it can change their outlook on life.”