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The planning stage is key to successful implants, after which the surgery is relatively quick. Then your implant/s need time to integrate fully with your bone.

What follows is a general guide to the stages of a typical treatment, although bear in mind that this can vary as not everyone is ‘typical’. 

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As one of our valued patients, you will always be treated with respect and recognised as an individual with a unique set of dental issues. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach about anything we do at The Implant Experts.

FREE consultation

FREE consultation

Here are the various stages involved with a typical treatment:

Assessment and planning

You are quite at liberty to see us without first being referred by your dentist. Either way, many prospective patients welcome the chance to visit us for a free initial chat. 

  • During this, our Dental Implant Co-ordinator will be happy to answer any general questions you might have about implants. You can arrange this appointment with a quick phone call
  • Your next stage will be a full clinical consultation with one of our dental implant surgeons. This includes a detailed oral examination, a thorough discussion of the options available, 2D x-rays and, if necessary, a 3D CT scan 
  • From this information we will prepare and send to you (and your referring dentist where appropriate) a full, written treatment plan – including a breakdown of all the costs
  • Once accepted we will prepare study models, photographs and a working template to help us determine the precise positioning for your implants. 
Surgery and placement
  • We generally perform the relatively simple and painless process to place a single implant under a local anaesthetic, although intravenous sedation is also available for nervous patients. It should only take half an hour or so. 
  • In some cases (particularly with visible front teeth) we will place a temporary restoration on your implant immediately. Where possible, though, we prefer to leave a gap to dissuade you from chewing on the implant as it integrates with the surrounding bone structure; this takes approximately 3 months.  
  • When your implant has properly integrated and is rock solid, we perform the simple final procedure of attaching your permanent replacement tooth
  • Replacement teeth are prepared by our specialist dental laboratory to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. You can even visit the lab to ensure perfect shade matching and discuss any cosmetic aspect of the final result.

Frequently asked questions

Dental implant aftercare

Yes and no. The main thing to remember is that your new implant teeth need regular cleaning and maintenance in exactly the same way normal teeth do: that means seeing your dentist for a check-up every 6 months. You should also regularly see a hygienist who is experienced at maintaining the health of dental implants.


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