The True Cost of Dental Implants

We know that some people think implant treatment is expensive and search the internet for the cheapest option, but when you consider how implant surgery can change your life, would you really want it done by the lowest bidder?

At The Implant Experts you can be sure that you will receive treatment from a skilled and highly experienced team using the finest materials available anywhere. And there will be no surprises when it comes to costs, because following your initial assessment, you will receive a detailed, individual and fully-costed treatment plan.

Implant TreatmentFees
Non clinical consultation (with Implant coordinator)No charge
Clinical consultation which includes a written report (excluding radiographs)£75

– 2D x-ray
– High definition 3D CT Scan:

£120 single arch
£200 both arches
Replacement of single tooth£1,950 (per implant)
Replacement of multiple teeth:

– Three teeth with two implants
– All upper teeth or all lower teeth with fixed bridge

Guided bone regeneration, from£300
Uncover implant£100 (per implant)
Single implant crown£900
Intravenous sedationfrom £150
Hygienist session£80
Periodontal TreatmentFees
Initial consultation including written report£75

– Small

£10 (each)
from £120-£200 exclusive of radiology report
Nonsurgical debridementFrom £360
Resective periodontal surgery including monthly reviews for 2 monthsFrom £540
Muco-gingival surgery such as management of recessionFrom £540
Regenerative surgery including monthly reviews for 5 monthsFrom £850

The fees above apply for treatment of peri-implantitis, but it will be revised upwards depending on the amount of regenerative material needed if regeneration is indicated.

Reassessment including written report£95
Crown lengthening surgery (additional fee may be required for follow-ups).From £560
Crowns/bridges per unitFrom £550

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Single missing tooth replaced with one implant and a crown

Estimated total cost £1,950


Two implants to retain a three tooth bridge

Estimated total cost £4,800


Teeth in a day, a single arch package price

Estimated total cost £11,900