Pre & Post Treatment

Pre & Post Treatment, Maidstone

Pre & Post treatment is important to stress that although you may feel slightly nervous before your treatment, you could not be in safer or more capable hands than you will be at The Implant Experts. Prior to your treatment you really do not have to do anything special. Eat and drink as you would normally – don’t miss breakfast for instance – and of course continue to take any medications you have been prescribed. We will of course have discussed with you any health issues you may have well in advance of surgery. After surgery, most patients are very surprised and pleased at how little discomfort they experienced during the placement of their implants.

After surgery, you will probably experience some minor discomfort as the local anaesthetic wears off, much as you would after any other visit to your dentist, but any subsequent aches or pains should be easily controllable with standard, over-the-counter pain relief. We will give you detailed, but very straightforward instructions for the aftercare of your mouth whilst the site of the operation settles down, and any discomfort you experience should very quickly pass off, typically in a matter of days. Some three months later, we will look forward to seeing you for a follow-up appointment where we can check on the progress of your implants and hopefully restore your new teeth.

We will give you a full aftercare guide to take away with you after treatment, however remember that your new, implant teeth need regular cleaning and maintenance in exactly the same way that normal teeth do. They should be checked out by your dentist at least once a year.