Teeth in a Day from £11,900

Teeth in a Day, Maidstone

Teeth in a Day – Same Day Implants

This simple procedure allows patients to have multiple failing teeth replaced with a secure restoration in a single visit.

Recent technological advances have led to the exciting development of a procedure called Teeth in a Day, sometimes called ‘All-on-4’. This technique gives patients a complete set of replacement fixed teeth in either the upper or lower jaw using only four implants with minimal surgery. This is enormously beneficial for people who have lost the majority or all of their teeth in either the upper, lower or even both jaws. We can replace a conventional removable denture, remove failing teeth if required, place implants and fix a full restoration all in one day. It avoids the need for you to live with a temporary denture in between having your existing teeth extracted and the new dental implants placed – a process that previously could take many months.

The process is a quite straightforward one of initial consultation, followed by an assessment which includes any x-rays or CT scans that may be required. Models are created from impressions of your existing teeth and from these a mock-up is made showing you how you will look. You will then return to the clinic for a single day when the implants are placed and the new teeth fitted as an initial temporary fixed restoration, on a newly constructed acrylic denture template. Three months later when your gums have settled and the implants have integrated themselves into the bone, a definitive final set of teeth is fitted without any need for further surgery.

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