Multiple Teeth Implants, Maidstone

Multiple implants with a bridge
from £4,800

Multiple Teeth Implants

Chewing, appearance and confidence can all be improved by replacing a number of teeth at the same time.

When adjacent teeth are missing, it is often the molar teeth at the back of the jaw, and although they are not as obvious as the front teeth, it is very important that they are replaced. These are the multi-rooted teeth which do the ‘heavy work’ of crunching up food and if they are missing, some of that function is transferred to single-rooted teeth at the front of your mouth which are simply not designed to cope with this task.

If you have a number of adjacent teeth missing, or that need to be replaced, then as a better and sometimes more economical solution, instead of replacing each individual tooth with its own implant, we can join them together to form a bridge which will require fewer implants than the number of teeth.

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