Anna was referred to me here at The Implant Experts by her uncle, who is an experienced local dental surgeon, to have her upper right central incisor replaced with an implant supported Crown.

She had suffered a sports injury at school damaging to and despite all best efforts it had to be extracted when she was 22 years old, leaving her with an unsightly gap in an otherwise healthy and attractive mouth with no feelings. She was now wearing a temporary removable denture and was looking for a permanent solution that would be both cosmetically pleasing and feel like a natural tooth.

Having assessed the case and discussed and is positioned with her, I felt confident that we could achieve good cosmetic and functional replacement for the missing tooth using dental implant treatment. The two challenges with this type of case maintenance of good soft tissue contour (gums), particularly the little pink points between the teeth and achieving a perfect match in colour, translucency and shape when compared with the other front tooth.

We were able to achieve an excellent results and by use of careful surgical technique, minor bone augmentation to support the soft tissue and working with the best technology-zirconium implant components and all ceramic crown-both of which are metal free, therefore allowing for the best aesthetic outcome.

I hope you enjoy reading about her experience of dental implant treatment here with us.

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